BTW's Character Building
Books & Study Guides

This Book I and companion study guide comprise the first 12
of BTW’s 37 ‘Sunday Evening Talks’.

‘Back in the day’ — and for generations since — BTW’s life's story inspired millions.
Our hope is that Booker T.’s “Sunday Evening Talks” and accompanying Study Guide inspires you to fully appreciate the timeless virtues and values that Booker T. lived by and become a source of strength and power in developing your own character.

      1 - Two Sides of Life                    2 - Helping Others
      3 - Some Rocks Ahead                4 - Influencing by Example
      5 - The Virtue of Simplicity         6 - Have You done Your Best?
      7 - Don't Be Discouraged           9 - Calling Things by Their Right Name
      10 - European Impressions       11 - The Value of System in Home Life
      12 - What Will Pay                         13 - Education that Educates

Study Guide published with appreciation and permission of author, G. Stax.