The Booker T. Washington Society's
            Wright Award

    Celebrating Unsung Heroes
    who have kept the Spirit
    of Booker T. Washington Alive

   Established in 2006, The Society's Wright Award annually honors individuals who have "demonstrated a long and continued passion for preserving the vision, values and virtues of Dr. Booker T. Washington."

2006 - Elizabeth D. Wright
   For decades, Ms. Wright toiled "in the trenches" in spirited, loud defense of the vision and values espoused by Dr. Washington. In 1985, she created and published a newsletter Issues & Views, a time when many of her neighbors and peers had dismissed Dr. Washington as "a sell out".... and worse.
Along the way, her newsletter became a platform for several other luminaries in their own light, notably Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

(above left)
   (Washington DC, April 7, 2006) Long-time friend and Society Charter member, William Richard Craft (above left), accepting the award on Mother Theora's behalf, who was unable to attend.

2007 - Sister Theora Richards
Sister Theora is the Society's 2nd recipient of the Wright Award. For years she championed Booker T. Washington's economic programs, founded the Booker T. Washington Appreciation Circle in the 70's and gave lectures promoting Washington's hidden legacy throughout New York City.
   "Mother Theora" as she was affectionately known in later years, wrote several books, of which her best known was the culmination of five years of research to develop slide shows and programs to spread the word of Booker T. Washington, Economic Power: The Original Plan of Booker T. Washington ('78) with accompanying DVD (2000).
In Grateful Memory: b. October 28, 1916 - d. December 7, 2007.