Suggested Booker T. Club Meeting Format

    (for in school clubs or after-school/youth groups)

    Note 1:  To know more about having a club for your school or community youth group, contact the Society directly here for full details and the Booker T. Club Start-Up Guide, or,
contract Ronald Court, President: 802-878-3911. Do it now.

    Note 2:  Club Coaches and Sponsors are free to set the times and frequency of meetings, as well as their format. Some Club Coaches hold daily club meets for brief periods before school. Below is a weekly meet format that kicks off with fun and games and then settles down for your middle schoolers to enjoy the 'lessons' in their logbook.

    Format for a Weekly Meeting::

  Call to Order:    The Club Coach (a teacher and/or parent/mentor) welcomes Clubbers and guests, makes announcements and celebrates great news of the day.

  Game Time:  (15-30min)     Fun and physical games (tug of war, three legged races, etc.) Provides exercise as well as an opportunity to work off excess energy.

  FOCUS Time:  (20-30min)         ("Follow One Course Until Successful")
  This is the HEART of every Booker T. Club: Students work at their own pace, in age-appropriate Logbooks. They go to their club coach whenever they feel ready to be 'checked out' ... they've memorized the quotes, etc. The club coach attests to the successful completion of each small section by dating and signing their Log Book.

  CLUBBER Time:  (15-25min)         (Club Group Assembly)
  This is the SOUL of every Booker T. Club: members come together to celebrate and award certificates to clubbers who have completed larger sections of their books.

  Wrap Up:  (5-10min)    Coach wraps up with brief comments. This is an opportunity for the club coach to talk a little bit about any of the famous people whose quotes the clubbers were learning. (Our Leader's Guide contains interesting information on all famous people, along with loads of tips for discussion.)
    Finally, Clubbers close by reciting 'The Booker T. Way.'

About Membership and Dues:

     Suggested club membership (after-school or youth group club) : 20-50.
     Annual dues $5.00 per student (plus cost of books).
           (Our Club Startup Guide has full details.)
         ( We recommend that Clubbers earn the money to pay their own dues.)
         (Earning membership and owning its materials is a character lesson in itself).
         (Note: Club Coaches have several ways for students to do this.)
         (Matching-fund partial scholarships are also available in some cases.)

Each Student obtains the following:

         Official Booker T. Club membership card and BT Club Lanyard
         Official Booker T. Club Member's I CHOOSE wrist bracelet
         Booker T. Washington - American Hero Booklet
         Up From Slavery - Booker T. Washington's autobiography
         Navigator's Log Book - The Booker T. Club's 1st yr Member's book.
         Signed Certificates from the BTW Society.

Booker T. Club Coaches (teacher/leader) receive:

         Booker T. Club Leader's Guide
         Booker T. Washington Society I CHOOSE lapel pin
         Framed Certificate of Appreciation