Booker T. Boosters
(includes local college students making a difference and getting it done.)

        Do you want want to make a difference in your community?

        If you've got the heart, the interest and the desire to improve the lot of kids growing up around youyou can...

        Booker T. Boosters are the backbone of the Society.

        Boosters help start and support Clubs and Chapters, mentor students and motivate others in their community to live, learn, and lead, 'The Booker T. Way'.

        Booker T. Boosters are American Heroes ... as appropriate role models for young Americans today.

        Booker T. proved that one person, regardless of circumstances, can make a huge difference. That is just as true today!

        Now it's your turn... help point others in the right direction, equip them with the proper tools, and encourage them along the way.

        Find out more. Call NOW: 802-878-3911.

        Each local Booker T. Washington Boosters and Booker T. Club is a separate legal entity, with its own local leadership.