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2018 - April - Celebrate!

      The Evansville BTW Society hosted its 5th Annual Booker T. Birthday Bash at the Oak Hill Community Bible Fellowship Ctr.
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2017 - Spring

      The Evansville BTW Society sponsored the Fourth Annual Booker T. Birthday Celebration at the Lincoln School. Evansville's EyeWitness News covered the event and interviewed Pres. Archie Carter for local TV.
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2016 - September

      A BIG thank You...to the Volunteers who made the Caldwell Kitchen renovations happen!  
Caldwell Kitchen renovation1Caldwell Kitchen renovation2

2016 - May

Booker T. Washington: American Hero Essay Contest Winner
The Historic Newburgh Kiwanians joined us to co-sponsor our 1st Indiana essay contest!
BTW Essay Contest Winner - Newburgh IN

Reese Foncannor (ctr), 7th grade, Castle Middle School, Newburgh.
Archie Carter, President, Evansville BTW Society, with
Brenda Bender, President, Historic Newburgh Kiwanis Club.

      President Archie Carter remarked, "Historic Newburgh Kiwanians have made this a win, win for all. Thanks to all for your time and efforts to make this essay contest possible. Special heart-felt thanks to Willie Taylor (Evv BTWS-VP) for creating the winners' certificates on such short notice. Let us continue to seek more opportunities to reach youths with the inspiring legacy of Booker T. by partnering with others like the great Historic Newburgh Kiwanians."

2016 - April: Happy Birthday, Booker T. !

3rd Annual BTW Celebrate Cake
      The 3rd Annual Celebrate BTW event, honoring BTW on the 160th anniversary of BTW's birth (April 5, 1856) was held at the Lincoln School. For the first time ever, it was a joint Booker T. Clubs event, with Lincoln School and Caldwell Center Booker T. Clubs celebrating together!
      Pictured below are some member attendees from both clubs.
Clubbers from Caldwell and Lincoln School

2015 - April

Congratulations to Mr. Willie Taylor, 1st Honorary Recipient:
the BTW Society's National Unsung Hero Award:

Archie Carter presenting the Unsung Hero Award to Willie Taylor

      Above (left), Pres. Archie Carter is presenting the Award to Mr. Willie Taylor, for volunteering so much of his time and expertise to help the Caldwell Booker T. Club get off the ground.

the Unsung Hero Award The National society's Unsung Hero Award plaque
      President Taylor (VP at the time of this award), is also a long-time Regional Toastmaster Leader. Throughout the year, he worked tirelessly with the Caldwell Club kids and their Coach to help them develop poise and polish their presentation skills.
      Moreover, Mr. Taylor originated a club meeting format with members taking leadership roles even as they learn how to conduct their own meetings.
      In developing and proving the success of his format, Mr. Taylor so impressed the 'National' Society that it is recommending his format for all clubs across the country.
      The Society is forever grateful for Mr. Taylor's contribution of time and expertise to benefit all future Booker T. Clubbers nationwide.

Slideshow: Evansville's 2nd Annual (2015) Celebrate Booker T's. Birthday Event
(Kicked off with a petting zoo demonstration.)

2014 - Spring

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